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“Rijsbergen” is a small hotel offering bed & breakfast. More a home than a formal hotel. The house is well maintained and has a very distinct athmosphere. The historic building is surrounded by a large garden and has a terrace on the south. The property is located on the eastern edge of the village (5 minutes walking distance from the center). The beach is approximately 2 kilometer.

You are welcome throughout the year. Our building is strictly non-smoking (but smoking is allowed outside on the terrace). In the house there are no television sets (this is a deliberate policy). Pets are not allowed. We dispose over 17 rooms (see “Important Information” for the room types).

Bookings on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays only for a minimum of 2 nights (in the more quiet winter months, 1 night is sometimes possible). During Easter, Whitsuntide, Ascension Day the minimum is 3 nights.

We focus particularly on individuals and smaller groups. From November till March (excluding holiday periods) groups up to 37 persons can book all the rooms in the house.