Ferry & Island Logistics

The ferry boat to Schiermonnikoog departs from Lauwersoog. You can not take your car to the island. In Lauwersoog there is a large car parking. Arriving by train there is a bus connection from Groningen and from Leeuwarden. The bus leaves 1 hour and 20 minutes before the departure time of the ferry (see below). Please note that from and to Groningen not every ferry departure has a direct bus connection !

The ferry to and from the island is being run out by the shipping company Wagenborg. In day time there is a ferry every three hours. For the most up to date ferry schedule please consult: www.wpd.nl.

The ferry ride takes about 45 minutes. At the arrival point a number of buses and taxis are awaiting the arriving guests. The taxis will take you to the front gate of Rijsbergen.

In the event you take the public bus, choose the one with destination “Oosterreeweg”. Leave the bus at that street (at the border of the village) at the 2nd stop. You are now close to the side entrance to Rijsbergen. At the sign a footpath starts.

  If you follow the this foot path you will arrive at the entrance of Rijsbergen after 75 meters (2 minutes walking distance).

In case you depart from the arrival point of the boat by bicycle or foot, please follow the dike (by the landside) towards the village and turn right by the 1st little road (after about 3 kilometers). At the following cross road continue straight into the Oosterreeweg. On the end of this street take the little path to the right (opposite of the small bus garage) where you see the green sign as shown on the picture.