The island of Schiermonnikoog is the smallest Dutch “wadden” island and also the most peaceful one. There is only one village on the island (also named “Schiermonnikoog”) with about 950 inhabitants. Traffic is minimal on the island since only local buses and taxi’s and cars of the inhabitants are allowed. Visitors from the mainland leave their cars in the car park at Lauwersoog, the departure point of the ferry boat.

The beaches are enormous in size and the Eastern part of the island consists of a large salt marsh (“kwelder”) area with large numbers of birds. This is one of the reasons why the island has the status of “National Park”. On other parts of the island you will find dunes, some small lakes, parts of forests and of course the picturesque village of Schiermonnikoog. By bycicle (easy to rent on the island) one can get a nice overview of the island in just a couple of hours.